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Friday, July 15, 2011

Children’s Library Workshops for Kids, ages 10 to 13. Write a Poem, Draw a Picture

Canyons, Echoing
going away—coming back
repeating my voice

Andrew Jones (Navajo) 11 years old

Thursdays, July 21 & Aug. 4, 10:30 – noon

Native poetry and art featured in the Mashantucket Gallery this summer inspired this program. We hope to encourage young people to create poetry and art of their own. Explore the Museum exhibits with us to find something that speaks to you—maybe it’s a dire wolf, or a dugout canoe, or life in a cozy wetu. Draw on that experience to compose and illustrate a poem. Everyone can write poetry! If rhyming doesn’t work for you, perhaps free verse or a haiku is a good way to express yourself. A haiku is three lines long with just 17 syllables and captures the essence of a feeling or object, and is often based on nature. In the Children’s Library; each session limited to 20 participants, ages 10 to 13. $15/$5 for Museum members. Call (800) 411-9671 to register by July 20 for July 21 or Aug. 3 for Aug. 4.